Best Orthopedic Dog Beds Reviewed

Dogs provide companionship, love, and so many other things. As a dog owner, you can be called a pet parent, a dog companion, or a dog’s best friend. Whichever they call you, it gives you a feeling of being proud in ways you can’t fathom and at the same time, gives you the idea that you’ve got responsibilities that you have committed yourself into. The most important one is to make sure that your dog is living a good healthy life. It might not be easy to always ensure the quality of life your dog companion has because of the fact that they don’t communicate the way humans do but there is something with dogs that make them easy to connect with their owners.  Just like how we have our own area to sleep and refresh ourselves, having a space where your dogs can sleep and lounge comfortably is important. We've all seen the latest on memory foam mattresses for humans and who knows you could possibly own a memory foam mattress yourself.  The difference between your old regular mattress and new mattress is almost night and day. Well they have memory foam beds for dogs otherwise known as Orthopedic Dog Beds.

Best 5 Orthopedic Dog Beds Compared



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Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed


PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge

KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

LaiFug Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet / Dog Bed

Benefits of Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds

The older dogs gets the more prone to aches and pains. And if he is a senior dog, an Orthopedic bed will be perfect for him. The orthopedic term makes a pet owner think that it might be something that has special features attached to it but fortunately, there are no standards when it comes to the height, thickness, or material of the bed. Tara Klimovitz, DVM, CCRT, with Perry Hall Animal Hospital in Baltimore described it to be something that is memory foam that will relieve the trauma to pressure points while the dog lies down so that no part of their musculoskeletal body feels the hard floor beneath them. Why orthopedic beds are important?

For the Prevention of Arthritis 

As dogs age, they become more prone to bone ailments like arthritis, hip dysplasia, bone injuries, and soft tissue damage. They’re like humans and that as old age hits them, their musculoskeletal system deteriorates. Because of this, a proper distribution of the dog’s total body weight should be enabled which in turn will be a big help to reduce the risk of developing skeletal ailments.

For Reduction of Pain and Discomfort 

Your senior dog when diagnosed with arthritis or other orthopedic conditions needs a bed that will provide ideal cushioning. Ideal cushioning means lowering the possibilities of creating pressure points which may exacerbate the condition. If this is not met, your buddy will suffer from joint and muscle pain which is already there to begin with. An orthopedic bed will help relieve the pain associated to these orthopedic diseases.

For a Conducive Place to Find Rest and Sleep

You will definitely notice when he is experiencing difficulties in sleeping and you can observe the frequency of him tossing and turning. This is a scenario suggesting that he is trying to find the most comfortable position to rest exposing him to stress and compromised sleep pattern. With the aid of the best orthopedic dog beds on the market today, your dog doesn’t need to explore sleeping positions.

1. Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dog Sleeping on a Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed with 10 year warranty

If you have a big dog that weighs around 70-110 pounds then big barker would be the best choice for him. It is especially made to accommodate large dogs with obvious features only an owner of a big dog can appreciate as it provides guarantee of accurate size and durability which doesn’t flatten over time. The maker of this orthopedic bed guarantees 90 percent retention of its total structure, durability of at least 10 years and a 10-year warranty. 

Made with a 7-inch orthopedic dog bed with pillow top and from combinations of therapeutic foams such as H10 comfort foam and H45 support foams which are types of foams similarly used in expensive furniture, your dog’ s sleep experience will never be the same again.

Big Barker comes in three different sizes Large, XL, and Giant XXL. A large (40 x 30 x 7) sized bed could accommodate Labrador, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Pitbull, or Husky. Extra Large (52 x 6 x 7) is a size made perfectly for German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland, or Mastiff while a Giant XXL (60 x 48 x 7) would fit for Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound and is also recommended for dogs who love to cuddle in one bed. Big Barker beds are not only for large dogs they have a product for small to medium dogs called the Bark's JR.

This surprising bed has very high customer satisfaction with very minimal negative reviews. Below are the common comments that buyers share.

  • It is a good investment. Most of the buyers are happy with the comfort the bed has been providing their pet dogs. Some of them updated their comments from the first day they bought the product and compared it years after. They are amazingly satisfied from day one and even happier to have proven with their own experience that the product is really not a waste of money.
  • Dog Barker orthopedic beds are easy to clean. The covering of this bed is very handy that cleaning it doesn’t require too much effort. The covering can just be tossed into the washing machine or even could be cleaned via vacuum and damp cloth will finish the cleaning business.
  • Easy to unpack and set up. It comes in a handy small box and a very informative manual that will provide a guide. Once it is unwrapped, it will expand and will reach the ideal size it is designed to be.
  • Can it tolerate scratching? Some comments said that it depends on the severity of the scratch applied to it.

2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge

PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

PetFusion is high density memory foam designed with outer bolster so your dog can enjoy headrest and have the pleasure of additional warmth by nestling his legs, arms or even his head under the bolster. The fabric is made of 65 % polyester and 35% cotton which can be removed for the purpose of washing. Spare coverings are also available when the need of replacement arises. It comes in four sizes Small (25 x 20 x 5.5), Large (36 x 28 x 9), Extra Large (44 x 34 x 10), Jumbo(50 x 40 x 13) and in gray color with water resistant covers. The larger sizes are enough to provide comfort for but not limited to Golden Retriever, Basset Hound, German Shepherd or golden doodle. The review of this type revolves in the following buyers’ comments:

  • Because it is made to be high density memory foam, it provides additional cushioning from the bolster positioned on the outer side of the bed allowing your furry friend to rest his head and curl into the corners. This main feature has helped a lot of dogs to make their sleep an extraordinary experience.
  • Water resistance is one of its major features to look at. This made much cleaning easier and so it will not require frequent cleaning by the washing machine.
  • The bed cover doesn’t shrink that’s why it is great for large dogs. It retains its size even after a number of washes unlike those of ordinary fluffy beds that eventually shrink even just in the first wash.
  • PetFusion is a pricey product but the price is being compensated by the special features it provides. Though it is expensive, the price is just so worth it when your dog has finally found its bed best friend.
  • Not recommended for very large dogs. The additional ring cushion attached to it may be a source of limited movement for very large dog but if that’s the case, it is always removable.

3. KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

KOPEKS Memory Foam Therapeutic Dog Bed

Memory foam based orthopedic dog bed with water proof and removable liners that cover the memory foam mattress. It comes with a pillow on the head part that has two zippered covers making it removable for washing. Its exterior covering is made to be soft and suede for your dog to lie on and has anti-slip bottom.  Though it also comes in small size (25”L x 20”W x 3.5), the larger sizes are a best choice for bigger dog breeds like Rottweiler, Mastif, Labrador, Great Dane, Doberman, or Irish Wolfhound which are dogs that are prone and or suffering from orthopedic conditions such as arthritis. Pet parents who bought the product share these comments.

  • Not so expensive but will serve the same benefits compared to those high dollar pricing brands. Some pet owners find it harder to swallow buying pricey quality memory foams. They purchased this brand and end up not regretting the choice.
  • KOPEKS provide good amount of support as the mattress is thick and firm enough even if it has been used over time.
  • It provides enough space for larger dog breeds to sleep and even gives ample room if they stretch making it comfortable bed to sleep and rest on.
  • Good recommendations also include that the covering is easy to remove, wash and reapply.
  • Very few negative remarks were made because of the pillow part not expanding the way it was described that made the covering not fit to the whole bed and some efforts were made to make it work for their dogs.
  • Because of its surprisingly large size, multiple dogs can fit in the surface giving the “snugglers” more space to get the warmth they needed. A large dog and a small breed can fit in one KOPEKS bed and they both still have enough room to stretch.

4. Dogbed4less Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This brand of bed is made as a gel memory foam orthopedic support which is five times denser and three times heavier than regular dog beds. It comes in a Jumbo size measuring 55 inches in length and 47 inches in width combined with an eight-inch headrest pillow. It is designed to have two layers of zipper protection with a waterproof internal covering and micro suede external covering in brown color. Extra replacement covers are also available in denim blue, denim brown and gray when a spare or a replacement external covering is needed. Customer reviews include the following:

  • The cost is high but comes in a very good quality that’s why it is still a good investment for senior dogs. A product that is reasonably priced. Any dog owner can sacrifice the price of a bed over the comfort of a spoiled aging pet.
  • Aside from the brilliant water proof internal covering that was made to be effective, the external covering is soft and of good quality.
  • It is a huge bed that is extremely firm keeping your dog off the hard surface.
  • The bed doesn’t change its firmness over time and this durability gives justice to its price.
  • It doesn’t have any anti-slip bottom but is heavy enough to keep it from sliding. It is best to be used on wood made floors but if slipping happens, a rubber mat can be used underneath it to avoid such thing from happening.
  • Comfortable to be used among large breeds like Presa Canara, Pitbull, Mastiff, Great Dane, or Malamute which is big enough to occupy their large built and can even give space for stretching. Support is very good as it doesn’t sag well enough to keep old bones from deteriorating further.

5. LaiFug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Conclusion: The Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

With all these orthopedic dog beds reviewed, it is really a hard mission to select the right bed for your beloved one. You are the sole care giver that knows his specific needs and your main concern is to make sure he is comfortable whether he rests or sleeps especially when you are an owner of a senior dog. It might be heartbreaking to witness how your senior dog deteriorates in association with increasing age, your role is to spoil him with every comfort he deserves, alleviate presence of pain and prevent any impending discomfort. Having a memory foam as an example of an orthopedic dog bed to serve the purpose of support is worth every penny. With that said our top pick of choice for the best orthopedic dog beds is the Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed Of course a smart buyer takes into consideration buying the products with the best quality and lesser cost as possible. Your main guide as to the selection of a good orthopedic bed is to not compromise the size that best fits the body built of your dog, make sure that it is easy to maintain as to the manner it is being cleaned and washed and most importantly, the firmness of the mattress. Checking out these three important factors will make your purchase a great option that your best dog friend will surely enjoy. Besides, there is nothing more fulfilling for a pet owner to see the gleam of satisfaction in his pet’s eyes.