Cat Toy Suggestions

Cats are curious animals and often times their curiosity can lead to mischief. A bored cat will often look for things to peak their interest, unfortunately for cat owners this can lead to damaged sofas, broken glasses and other problems. A great way to keep your cat from damaging your household belongings is to keep them entertained. Here are a few toys which can help keep your cats off the couch and bookshelf.

When you become a cat owner, it is very easy to end up buying every new cat toy you see! There are hundreds of toys for cats on the market. Yet, some toys have added interest that will really keep your cat fascinated. Here is a guide to the best toys that I have found, which really work with my cats. They have lasting power as the cats have never tired of them.
A good scratching post is a worthwhile investment for cat owners. Not all scratching posts are the same, however. A scratching post that is covered in sisal works very well, preventing claws from getting snagged. Also, sisal is long lasting. An important aspect of a good scratching post is enough height for the cat to get a good stretch as he scratches. He should not tower over it but rather be able to reach up to it. A scratching post helps keep your cat's claws short and can save your upholstery, carpet and doors from scratching practice.

A hanging toy is great fun for cats. Again, not all hanging toys are the same. A soft toy that is attached with elasticated string works best because it provides the bounce back action that cats love. A tall scratching post that is enhanced with elastic string with a cloth mouse on the end makes a very popular toy. Be sure that the string is securely attached and keep an eye on your cat when he is playing with the toy to make sure that he does not pull off the string and try to swallow it.

If you are growing a bit tired of playing cat games, a toy that will save you energy is one that moves by itself. For instance, a small stuffed toy with a pull string that runs along the floor by itself will keep your cat enthralled. Again, make sure that your cat does not chew off or swallow parts of the toy.

Finally, cats love hiding. It's no surprise that a cat toy which consists of a cloth tube for the cat to crawl inside is very popular with my cats. The tube has several holes in the middle which serve as 'escape hatches'. The great thing about this cat toy is that it can be folded into a small disc for storage. Not everyone wants a six foot long 'cat tube' decorating their living room when guests are over.

Laser Pointer

Handheld laser pointers are often times not sold as cat toys, but that does not keep cats and their owners from enjoying them. Simply put, cats love to chase that little red light all around the room. Even better, playing with the laser pointer can be a lot of fun for the cat owner as well. Stand in the middle of the room and point the laser pointer to the ground. Get your cats attention by moving the beam in front of them and once they spot it move it around the room. Speed it up, slow it down, zig and zag it back and forth no matter what you do, you will have your cats full attention.

Cat Toy Wand

If you have ever tried to entertain your cat with a small toy there is a chance your hand suffered the consequences. Cat's nails if untrimmed can be extremely sharp and dangerous so a toy that allows you to play with your feline friend without putting your hand or other limbs at harm is a plus. Cat toy wands are similar to a fishing pole with a toy or other item tied to a long string at the end of the wand. Toys at the end of a toy wand typically include small stuffed animals, feathers, dangling strings or other cat favorites. The cat toy wands allow owners to play with their cat by swinging and sliding the toy while also playing tug of war.

Kitten Mitten

If your one of the many cat owners who often times find their feline companion sitting on their lap, a kitten mitten may be the perfect toy for you. Instead of seeing your hand get bitten and scratched, the kitten mitten provides you protection while also allowing you to play with your cat. The kitten mitten is a glove featuring long extended fingers with cotton ball tips. Owners can dazzle their cats by moving their fingers thanks to the re-enforced plastic rods that keep the fingers long and extended.

Catnip Toy

Its no secret cats love catnip, but instead of giving it to them directly or putting some in an old sock, there are a number of toys that hold a small amount of catnip and double as a favorite toy for your cat. The toys are typically a small mouse or other stuffed animal with a closeable slot for the catnip. They restrict the cat's access to open catnip while still providing the same draw. The draw of catnip toys also mean your cat will be prone to play with the toy without much other incentive an extra benefit for owners who are not able to fulfill their cats entertainment needs.